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  1. Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Nice to see a fellow anti-pyramid blogger. I am trying to expose the Swedish company Zinzino, however that is much easier company to reveal. I do not know much about Lyoness.

    1. Thanks for your comment mlmnemesis. I am not familiar with Zinzino myself, but I will gladly have a look at your blog. In exposing any income opportunity fraud, this website may be particularly helpful:

      If you would want to contact me directly, please leave your email address as a comment. It will not be posted.

  3. mlmnemesis said:

    "Ok, I will have a look at that. Zinzino is a MLM company basically selling Belgian coffee at 100-300% overprice. It has exclusivity on the products only in the Baltic and Nordic countries + USA. So continental Europe will not be effected. Germans, for example can order the coffee from UK: (they will refuse to deliver to Baltic and Nordic countries. But that is a violation of the EU Bolkenstein Directive)"

  4. It seems members don't understand that Lyones is just a big affiliate program. The afflilate merchants actually give a bigger commission to Lyoness. Lyoness gives half that commission back to its shopping club members in the form of cashback and loyalty benefits. All anyone has do is just look up any affiliate merchant online to see pay out commission plan to sites driving customers to them.

  5. Lyoness America is taking off. They have gone from 3000 to 90000 members to this point. I'm amazed that this scheme has escaped the oversight of the SEC and FTC. Recently, it has been reported that Lyoness has brought on numerous legal resources to further their aims. Lyoness has enought money to hire hundreds of attorneys while the US government has limited resources to investigate these fradulent companies. I would love to see the US government shut them down. I have submitted a complaint thru the SEC whisteblower program and I'm hoping for some form of resolution.