Update: helpful links about Lyoness

The Lyoness Complaint Centre is somewhat proud to present the Italian version of this blog:

We welcome Italian-speakers to read about Lyoness (also) there.

Do note that there is no direct affiliation between the two blogs and that the Italian Complaint Centre is not responsible in anyway for what gets published here, and vice versa.

We would also like to remind you of the other helpful links we have provided earlier:

Readers of this blog should be aware that this blog is by far not the only medium concerned with the pernicious nature of the Lyoness pyramid scam. Several other noteworthy sources report regularly on current developments in the Lyoness case.


Several very interesting articles have been written by English author and income opportunity fraud expert David Brear, on his blog These articles can be found mainly in the latter months of 2012 (September and so forth).

A well-structured article has also been published on: Sadly, there has been no activity on this blog in 2013 yet.


In many countries, consumer forums have picked up on the devious nature of Lyoness' pyramid scheme. These are the ones the Lyoness Complaint Centre has found, understood (i.e. they are written in a language comprehended by the author of this blog), and recommends to its readers:

For German-speaking readers:

For English-speaking readers:

For Dutch-speaking readers:

Traditional media sources:

Suspicions of Lyoness operating an illegal pyramid scheme have been reported in traditional media souces for quite some time already, particularly in Austria and Switzerland. However, the articles published there have become considerably more concrete as the amount of evidence has grown and the number of victims has increased. These are some of the media sources one could check to remain updated on the situation concerning Lyoness:

Experts on Lyoness:

Eric Breiteneder is an attorney who has dedicated most of his time in recent years to the fight against Lyoness. Several victims have successfully gotten their money back through his services. Additionally, he publicly warns people against Lyoness and assists the Austrian authorities and media with their investigations into Lyoness. His personal website is:

Karl Hengstberger and Peter Hauser (also an attorney) have investigated Lyoness as well.

A full list of Austrian and Swiss attorneys with knowledge of the Lyoness dossier can be found here.


  1. Is it possible to know why the Italian Complaint Center is not active? What happened? Italians need such a service!

  2. At some point, our team included an Italian person who was running the Italian version of our Complaint Centre. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. At this moment, we do not have any Italian speakers in our team. If you want to get information in Italian, we would recommend you to contact the guys of Plattform Lyoness ( They worked for Lyoness Italia before, so there is a chance they speak Italian.