Lyoness featured on German television too

Regular contributor to the KTipp forum topic on Lyoness, 'PonziCharles', and Plattform Lyoness, inform the public that after being featured on Austrian television multiple times, appearing in a Canadian television show and being thoroughly discussed on Danish public television, Lyoness has now made an appearance on German television too.

Earlier, this Blog reported that German media (particularly in the North of Germany) had picked up on the Lyoness racket, and had started reporting on them. Now, the local German television channel RBB (from the Berlin region), has featured Lyoness in an episode of its show 'WAS!'. So far it is only available in German, but for sure, someone is working on supplying it with English subtitles.


  1. Please I'm Italian I don't know the German language ,when will be possible to have the video with english subtitles? Someone can give me a summary of the video?

    1. Unfortunately, we do not think there will be any soon. No worries, though, the broadcast does not contain any information that cannot be found on this Blog. Moreover, it does not really contain anything interesting.