The Witness Statements #4: 'I subscribed with my father for a business package, since I was only 17' (total loss: 9,730.65 euros)

Plattform Lyoness Witness Statement #4:

"I was introduced to Lyoness by my father in 2010. He told me that I could get cash back with every purchase, for free. Since this sounded like a great idea to me, I registered myself in 2010, and at the same time purchased 3 units (for 150 euros) in accounting category I (then called 'economy class').

Shortly afterwards, my father's upline (and his son) showed me the Lyoness system, and said that if I would down pay 2,000 euros on future purchases now, I would receive 16,572 euros over the next few years, and even more!!! On the condition that I would have four directs under the me, with at least one unit in accounting category I, either through payment or purchases.

He also said the company had been around since 2009 and has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce.

He also told immediately afterwards that it was now possible to purchase units to benefit from the consumption in the American market, again with a minimum of 2,000 euros in down-payments on future purchases. In one to two years, I would benefit from my investments, without doing anything - it would go automatically. And if at some point, I would no longer be interested, I would get my down-payments back in vouchers, thus: zero risk.

This sounded unbelievable to me and like a big chance to earn money, even though I had not yet understood how it was supposed to work.

Thereupon, I subscribed with my father for a business package, since I was only 17 years young and therefore still a minor.

And because I thought that this was the chance of my life to earn from the American market, I down paid immediately another 2,000 euros on future purchases.

Thereupon I tried to understand how the system worked and learned that the Lyoness system  is not exactly true, but just somehow logical. I then also used the so-called Unit Calculator and the outcome surprised me a lot. According to the calculator, one 50 euro unit in AC1, after having been put through all accounting categories, is worth 19,458 euros.

I went to an info meeting at Graz airport and had a good look, since I had not understood everything the first time. Then I received from my father's referrer sponsor films by Gerry Seebacher, to enhance my understanding of the system.

The only thing that actually became clear to me was that I will not be given my down-payments in vouchers back, if I do not first pay the full value myself. Moreover, I would be so stupid if I would pay the value of my down-payments myself, because then I would not get more for my units and also my personal billing system would not fill up. Because indeed, down-payments always render huge profits.

My father's upline took me to a huge event of Lyoness (Sensation) on 29.05.2010, where I agreed to go, because I wanted to see it for myself.

I was amazed by the mood of the more than 3,000 or 5,000 people there and them and me felt awesome.

All I thought to understand after half to three quarters of a year was: WOW, amazing, there is no better way to make money, so easy and sooo logical.

On 18/09/2010, on the next Lyoness Sensation (entrance price €99) in Bratislava and I, as an enthusiastic Lyonesse, immediately went out to find an amazing beautiful experience and motivating day. They had not promised too much, when they said 8,000 people from all over the world, already active in Lyoness worldwide, traveled all the way to be present at this event.

To make sure they would not only provide the people with information, they also had Groove Coverage there to play live on stage. At this day, they also announced the TÜV and ISO certifications.

I do not remember it exactly, but Mr. Freidl said something like this: "Other companies must subject themselves to such tests - we have done it voluntarily. We are proud that we have obtained and kept them."

Late 2010, my father's upline said, one must make a deposit in America in the Accounting Category IV, because else one loses bookings, if the other open units (in the other categories) are all filled. Therefore, I down paid another 1,200 euros. I did not know why, but I believed him.

I told others what all is possible with Lyoness, but only a very few believed me, and the others warned me, but I could not imagine that's a bad thing.

I was told that you should leave these people alone - they are wrong for this business. A little later, the Indian, Middle East and Africa (IMEA) markets were opened. It was called gigantic market, huge purchasing volume, millions of people who shop there you just have to go along, and earn from this potential.

I then down paid the next 2,000 euros for IMEA.

In the meantime, I went to seminars and other meetings of Lyoness. As time went by, the next Lyoness Sensation was due. I, as a sworn-in Lyonesse, understood it was how they described it. I went on 17.09.2011 to the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena in Budapest/Hungary (ticket price €199), to be there live and as a present for coming, we received a unit in the continental Asia Accounting Programme. It was booked on 19/09/2011 - the official opening of Asia was at the end of July 2012.

Budapest was the absolute max - 11,000 people from all over the world had traveled there. To beat the other sensations, Shaggy was also invited. Top speaker Karl Pilsl was also there. Something he has said, I will never forget saying: "We live in a time of pioneers, we live in a time of visionaries, we live in a time where people are willing to do things other people are not willing to do."

The idea of Lyoness grew bigger and bigger, nothing could take me down anymore, I neglected and forgot all the negative and sunk, so to say, in the world of Lyoness.

A month later, Spain was opened and again I down paid 2,000 euros for Lyoness units.

The business is so awesome and simple, it must simply function.

It did not take long before the next country opened: BRAZIL! There were the same reasons as to why everyone should participate: huge purchasing volume, etc ...........

It was also made possible for people with little money to join in. When many, small contributions count too.
One should until 1,999 euros, order 200 euro shopping vouchers and from 2,000 euros order 500 euro shopping vouchers.

Since I was running out of money, and nevertheless I wanted to join in (coming anyway umpteen times as much back), I down paid 350 euros (in 150 euro and 200 euro vouchers in AC1) into Lyoness.

One month later came Asia. Asia, the largest market in the world, billions of people shopping and earn on this continent, by doing nothing! Just down pay. The thought of that ............ simply unimaginable.

Therefore, I decided again to put a deposit into the continental Asia accounting programme, worth 700 euros. It was possible to deposit 3 times 7200 euros. Our executive called those deposits the three wishes, the bigger the wish, the more one should deposit. If you wish for little, you should deposit little. Everyone must decide for themselves.

Another successful year had passed and to celebrate, there was the next sensation on 15.9.2012 in Vienna. One had to have the premium status in order to be entitled to be present at this event. As a gift for coming, everyone received a unit in the National Action booking in India. At the end of this event, Mr. Freidl also told us that the people who register online from today on the website would get Lyoness Premium Members. Customers I still did not get today.

As I was low on money again, I thought twice before buying myself a new computer. Instead, I down paid in Asia, so that I could soon buy myself 20 new computers.

So I put down my second deposit in Asia (of 650 euros).

I did not like the broadcast of ORF Report on Lyoness. I thought it were all lies, and that is what all true leaders said too - the ones who criticise this company must not have understood it. I also thought Lyoness could not possibly be ILLEGAL, because Lyoness exists far too long, and has also received awards.

Approximately two weeks later, there was another ORF Report episode on Lyoness. Then, I believed everything would be forgotten again in about a week (which was not the case).

In late 2012 or early 2013, there was another seminar at Hotel Nova Park, conducted by Mr. Psaridis, with over 500 participants. The atmosphere was excellent and all the negative was forgotten again. Purely by chance, at the end of the seminar, he showed a slide about India and how the economy looks like there, and that everyone would work there mostly being (partly) self-employed, and that there were billions of such people there. Closing remarks by the President: "I think we all know that we have the hottest business and what is coming towards all of us sitting here. We will all be a president someday - there is no 'if', only 'when', it cannot be avoided." Therefore, I decided to make a deposit into India again.

Immersed in the world of Lyoness, I gathered all the money that I had left to join in one more time. I down paid 2,000 euros into the National Indian market. According to the Unit Calculator, my down-payments were now worth the incredible, overwhelming amount of 1,787,956 euros (if put through all accounting categories). Naively, I thought that now I would never have to worry about money again. I knew that I would not get this amount of money right away, but in the next few years.

This spring, someone wrote to me on the Internet and said that everything Lyoness told us is incorrect. I got a number that I should call and from that day, the Lyoness world collapsed for me.

These sums were paid to Lyoness (in red); the blue numbers represent the returns.

3 units in AC 1 3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.03.2010 132,- xx07.2012
Premium Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.03.2010 420,- xx.10.2012
America Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.03.2010 56,- xx.06.2013
America AC 4  0/0/0/1/0 1.200,- xx.12.2010 0,-
IMEA Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.05.2011 0,-
Spain Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.10.2011 328,- xx.11.2011
Brazil  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.06.2012 76,- xx.01.2013
Asia  3/1/1/0/0 700,- xx.07.2012 288,- xx.04.2013
Asia  7/2/0/0/0 650,- xx.10.2012 0,-
India Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.01.2013 244,- xx.04.2013
Gift Unit Asia 132,- xx.09.2012
Gift Unit India 132,- xx.04.2013
Volume bonus 401.25 xx.02.2013
Friendship bonus xx.08.2013 234.83
Cashback xx.08.2013 138.77
Partner bonus bis xx.08.2013 536.50

Total: 12.850 3.119.35 (loss of 9,730.65 euros or 75.7% of total investment)

Family member:
3 units in AC 1 3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.08.2010 0,-
Premium Package  4/3/3/0/0 1.850,- xx.11.2011 0,-
America Package  7/3/3/1/1 7.200,- xx.12.2011 0,-
Asia  3/1/1/0/0 700,- xx.07.2012 0,-
Gift unit India 0,-
Cashback 8.27,- xx.01.2012

Total: 9.900 8.27 (loss of 9,891.73 euros or 99.9% of total investment)

Next family member:
3 units in AC 1 3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.03.2010
Premium Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.10.2012
Brazil  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.12.2012
Volume bonus 15,- xx.02.2013
Loyalty bonus 72,- xx.03.2013
Friendship bonus xx.08.2013 23.34,-
Cashback xx.08.2013 43.92,-

Total: 2.300 154.26 (loss of 2,145.74 euros or 93.3% of total investment)

Next family member:
Premium Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- 1486,- 2012
America 7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.03.2010 368,- 2011
America  0/0/0/1/0 1.200,- xx.03.2010 0,-
America  8/4/4/0/0 2.600,- xx.12.2010 0,-
IMEA 7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.05.2011 0,-
Spain  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- xx.10.2011 776,- 2013-xx
Brazil  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.08.2012 0,-
Asia  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.08.2012 0,-
India  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.02.2013 0,-
Gift unit Asia 132,- 2012-xx
Gift unit India 132,- 2013-xx
Career account 497.50,-
Loyalty bonus 2.894,-
Cashback 51.51,-
Friendship bonus 211.36,-
Partner bonus 651.50,-

Total: 12.250 4.305.87 (loss of 7,944.13 euros or 64.9% of total investment)

Next family member:
Premium Package  7/3/3/0/0 2.000,- 20,- 2008-xx
Brazil  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.06.2012 148,- 2012-xx
Asia  3/1/1/0/0 700,- xx.07.2012 260,- 2012-xx
India  3/0/0/0/0 150,- xx.01.2013 20,- 2013-xx
Gift unit India 132,-
Career account 5,-
Cashback 17.06
Friendship bonus 6.82
Loyalty bonus 580,-
Partner bonus 48,-

Total: 2.300 656.80 (loss of 1643.20 euros or 71.4% of total investment)

This is how Lyoness, the world's biggest shopping community (so they say), operates. But this is not a shopping community, now is it?!"

Plattform Lyoness has promised to help this boy and his family, and to hold the ones responsible for this over at Lyoness responsible for this. We would like to offer our help in any way we can, too.
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Disclaimer: The Complaint Centre Lyoness does not accept responsibility for (the consequences of) errors that may have occurred while translating this testimony from its original source (link on top of article). In case of doubt or uncertainty, the original statement is leading.

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