Pyramid Scheme Alert warns against Lyoness in US

In more and more countries, Lyoness is facing negative publicity. Several US-based Blogs have reported on the Lyoness racket, but so far, the American media have not picked up on the Lyoness racket. This is quite surprising, considering the continuous public controversy surrounding several MLM rackets, such as Herbalife - which is the subject of a large dispute between several hedge fund giants, and the recent closure of Fortune High-Tech Marketing (FHTM) - a racket that strongly resembles Lyoness - by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, the managing director of Lyoness Americas, Mario Hoffmann, is a highly controversial person.

The ignorance of the American media in identifying Lyoness for the racket that it is, may near its end, though. The best known anti pyramid scheme organisation in the world, Pyramid Scheme Alert, and its president, Mr Robert FitzPatrick, an absolute authority in the field of MLM and pyramid scams, have now explicitly warned against Lyoness in their periodical newsletters, as well as on their website.

In general, more and more sources of information on Lyoness pop up. Most notably, a 'PissedConsumer' page has been created about the 'company', a Danish television show exposed the Lyoness racket in their region, a Croatian Blogger explicitly warns his fellow countrymen against doing 'business' with Lyoness and German and South African media have reported on Lyoness.


  1. Hi

    I read the pissed consumer page and someone has replied the following:
    "A little authentic research would show that ASIC spent from November to March researching Lyoness for Australia and gave it the thumbs up"
    Can someone verify if this is at all true or similar propaganda they`re loyal "customers" the ones being scamed are telling?

    1. Thank you for your message. We cannot imagine ASIC having looked at Lyoness (let alone for nearly half a year), and if they had, they would have come to the conclusion that Lyoness runs multiple, illegal scams. Therefore, with near certainty, we dare say ASIC has never looked at Lyoness, let alone given them their 'thumbs up'.

      To verify this, we have just contacted ASIC and are awaiting their reply.

  2. In order for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Lyoness, they need to receive a large number of complaints. PLEASE urge your American readers to contact them at (877) 382-4357. This distasteful and fraudulent enterprise has got to go!

    1. Thanks, Anonymous, we do urge everyone to contact their local and national authorities, and for America, indeed, that would be the FTC at 1-(877)-382-4357 (1-(877)-FTC-HELP).

      If you wish to contact us directly, please leave your email address in a separate comment - it will not be posted.

    2. It's unfortunate that "duped" Lyoness affiliates cannnot band together and form a class action suit which would put the FTC on notice. How to connect the number of folks who see the light on Lyoness' scam?

    3. Well we are doing our best here, but unfortunately, Lyoness has manipulated and deceived people to such an extent, that these people have a very hard time snapping out of it.

      It is our conviction that it will take until Lyoness truly and fully collapses until everyone will start realising they have been fooled, have lost their money and will not be getting it back. Then, and only then, the true stream of complaints will start rolling, but unfortunately for people who have money in Lyoness, that will be redundant.

      For now, most people that have realised what Lyoness has pulled off, are from Austria.

  3. Gentlemen,
    What I think you should do is publish the FTC contact info as a separate blog entry and not just in the comments section. You'll reach more people that way I would imagine.

    Keep up the good work. This thing is going to make the Bernie Madoff scandal look like child's play.

    1. We will, thanks for the tip!

      We are trying to make one Blog post with a comprehensive overview of which authorities to contact in which country (with the appropriate contact details). It takes some time, but we think it can help a lot of people.

      Indeed, Madoff was an amateur compared to scams like Lyoness.

    2. The perpetrators of the Lyoness America lie:

      Jerry Kirstine
      Rik Wahlrab
      Matt Change
      Kim Simsby
      John Bash
      Pam Lewko
      Glenn Sparks
      Jerry Yerke
      Silvio Spangl
      Leslie Nielsen
      Stephanie Graham

  4. IT should be noted that is run by a very capable person in Robert Fitzpatrick who had provided excellent legal insight into Ponzi/Pyramid schemes like Lyoness. I believe he has worked with a wonderful US Attorney Douglas Brooks who has spearheaded class actions against Omnitrition and other thieves.