Update: David Brear on Lyoness

English author David Brear’s [unchallenged], copyrighted study of [Lyoness] concludes that: 'Lyoness is an unoriginal, blame-the-victim, cultic racket comprising a dissimulated closed-market swindle and various, related, advance fee frauds’ (Wikipedia).


"Probably the best way to explain what indicates the operation of a closed-market swindle, is to imagine a smooth-talking bunch of charlatans (e.g. Hubert Freidl and his schills) persuading 10 000 excited persons each to place $3000 on a table - by assuring them them that a magic, but very complicated, system has been discovered by which each contributor can get back more money than he/she started with. The only proof which the charlatans produce to confirm this attractive fairy story, is their own apparent prosperity.

Obviously, no matter what incomprehensible hocus-pocus is wheeled out, the resulting $30 millions cannot be divided up so that each and every contributor gets a profit, but this revenue can be divided up so that the minority of smooth-talking charlatans who control its division will win massively whilst the powerless majority will lose. 

The fiendish trick which has been pulled by all 'income opportunity' racketeers, has been to silence most of their victims by further convincing them only people who believe 100% that will succeed, do succeed, and that, consequently, persons who fail to make any money, only have themselves to blame.

David Brear (copyright 2013)"


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