Lyoness: the complete deception (1)

Currently, after giving up on the claims that Lyoness is in fact a perfect 'business opportunity', designed to bring the entire world a happy and prosperous future, Lyoness and its propagators have more and more moved towards explaining Lyoness as a perfect, brilliant idea in theory (that is bringing shoppers and shops together in a win-win situation), which due to unfortunate circumstances and the involvement of some unethical people with ditto behaviour has led to a considerable amount of people being 'misinformed' and therefore losing their money.

This idea is mainly perpetuated by Lyoness, which is not a surprise, but also by Lyoness-clones which are sprouting all over the world (and claim to have taken the 'brilliant elements' of Lyoness and hired ethical people to execute this ingenious idea), and, ironically, by a considerable amount of Lyoness victims, who have come to the horrible realisation that the chances of them seeing their investments into Lyoness back are slimmer than an anorexic on Herbalife shakes.

The reasoning behind this is, is actually surprisingly simple to understand. Facing up to the horror brought to people by Lyoness implies a) acceptance of being scammed and fooled, no matter how many precautions were taken; b) that the incredible sum of money that has been invested into Lyoness, and which may have been borrowed money, is likely to disappear into the pockets of Austrian racketeers; c) that the dream of financial freedom is completely shattered, and that passive income free, excruciatingly long days at a 'stinky job' with boring colleagues is what awaits for the future and d) that the same deception has undoubtedly been peddled to the entire contact list enthusiastically compiled in the beginning weeks of the Lyoness membership in expectation of financial freedom, which could only be achieved by compiling a list of as many acquaintances as possible (probably including the closest social contacts such as kids, parents, siblings, BFFs, etc.), and approaching all of them to join Lyoness and invest money too.

Unquestionably, it is extremely hard for these people to snap out of the deceptive dream entirely and face up to what has been going on here. Obviously, we, the Lyoness Complaint Centre, developed to support victims of the Lyoness racket, sympathise. Unfortunately, the same level of sympathy should not be expected from Lyoness, which will drop the victims like a rock and will say that if they did not achieve the dreams they set out for themselves, this is caused either by being misinformed by their upline (which consists of 'independent business representatives', technically unaffiliated to Lyoness and its instigators), by having - self-constructed - extremely irrational and unrealistic dreams, or by simply not working hard enough or not believing enough in yourself or the system - which is 'flawless', of course.

Most probably, the racketeers behind Lyoness are already working on their next scam, if it has not been launched already. Readers of this Blog, and in particular the ones who have been involved in Lyoness, are warned that the affiliation between the new scam and Lyoness will obviously be meticulously hidden. Thus, any of the companies now propagating to run the same system as Lyoness, just with better people, is a plausible candidate to be Freidl's next masterpiece.

Do also note that terminology is interchangeable. Whether it is an elevator or a lift you have to wait for, it may be unpleasant in any case. So, no matter whether you are approached for 'MLM', 'Network Marketing', 'Recommendation Marketing', 'Direct Sales', 'Franchise', 'Crowd Funding', etc., please be on alert. If the idea is that you pay money, and you ask others to do the same - it's likely to be a scam (or a fraud, or a swindle, or a pyramid scheme - just pick one). After the whole Lyoness experience, perhaps it is wise to refrain from joining any 'golden opportunities' for a while.

As Lyoness says that 'love is the ultimate', we decided to go for a quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet:

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet"

Unfortunately, the same goes for excrement. No matter how a swindle is dissimulated or disguised, it remains a swindle.

As we said, we do sympathise with the situation of the victims of the Lyoness racket and we are here to help out, if its needed. We do understand it must be hard to face reality in these times, but only then there is a chance for retribution and closure. Also, by telling your story to the world, you can prevent these fraudsters from enrolling new victims and starting new, similar rackets.

Thus, please contact us if you have been duped by the Lyoness racket and tell the world your story! Also, please share our message and help us spread the truth about the Lyoness scam!

- To be continued - see part 2 -

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