Monday morning recap: what you may have missed over the weekend

Our regular readers who have not been checking our Blog over the weekend, may be interested to learn that there have been some new developments. For instance, we introduced a new section entitled 'The Witness Statements' ('TWS')  in which we translate the testimonies sent to Plattform Lyoness, and publish the testimonies sent to us by Lyoness victims. We have already uploaded three of such statements.

Additionally, we have uploaded an article discussing the love-hate relationship between 'MLM' and Lyoness, we discussed Lyoness' efforts to cleanse Wikipedia from the truth and we ridiculed the myth that only 30-35 people are unhappy with Lyoness.

We also launched two appeals to our readers; to help us spread the truth on Lyoness and to send in your Lyoness stories. In our 'helpful links' section, we integrated an update to a full-fledged Wikipedia article in Spanish.


  1. The Lyoness Complaint Centre has received the following, anonymous, comment:

    "Firstly, I am happy to find this site as I, after signing up as a Lyoness member, have begun to have some lingering questions about the way in which Lyoness operates.
    Here is an example that should undermine Lyoness credibility in the US. Although Lyoness supposedly had a presence here in the US, it has grown more lately especially in the area of Southern California.
    2 years back, I began to hear about a person named Silvio Spangl who was here in the US to spread the Lyoness message. A friend of mine who is quite trustworthy introduced me to the Lyoness concept and then introduced me to Silvio Spangl. I met him in the back of a chain restaurant and I can't say that he inspired confidence.
    He could barely carry on a conversation in English and didn't appear to have any real business acumen. I think he was a auto mechanic in Austria and was introduced to Lyoness by Gary Seebacker another suspicious character.
    Now, if you are attempting to build a businesss in the US that is consumer based, why would you send an auto mechanic over to do it. I trusted my recommender and overlooked the obvious shortcomings of Mr Spangl...
    He has turned out to be quite a shady character as he formed a partnership with Stephanie Nielsen so he could legally operate in the US....more to come"

  2. You are correct, Silvio Spangl was indeed a car mechanic who knows absolutely nothing about money, as a matter of fact he intentionally went bankrupt to avoid paying people he owed money.. The Austrian laws are such that they forgive up to 70% of depts in case of bankrupcy... Since that he got involved with the scam and now thinks he`s on par with Warren Buffey. But as said he has absolutely no knowledge in a. keeping money and b. making it in a legal way..