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  1. When members are recruiting new people, one of their main argument to join with 3000 dollars as a premium member is that only these people can put further investments into the openings of new countries.
    The last opportunity was for India.
    Hubert Freidl is promising at least for a year that registrations of shoppers can start soon in India but noyhing happened yet. Thousands of members invested thousands of dollars into the Indian opening but Lyoness is sitting on those monies, millions of dollars, enjoying the interest.

  2. I completely aggree. Not only India and other countries. they also collected money on Continents promising huge returns over the commission income generated by the shoppers.

  3. Lyoness has also collected money from people for the advertisement Campaign Certifications. Each Certificate cost 1000 Euro and people already forget about it. Lyoness' goal is to stay low and not to get any attention from anywhere while enjoying the money collected from everywhere in the world.