Appeal: Send us your Lyoness story!

In line with the current developments over at our Austrian counterpart, Plattform Lyoness, revolving around the preposterous claim by Hubert Freidl that only 30-35 people are not fully satisfied with their Lyoness experience, we are happy to introduce a new section on our Blog: 'The Witness Statements'.

This segment will primarily deal with the (translated) testimonies sent in by the readers of Plattform Lyoness. However, we would like to invite all our readers to submit their Lyoness stories as well. The stories can be send in through the comment section below. If the comment is privately intended, please clearly indicate this. Contact details will never be disclosed or published.


  1. I believe that I am also a victim of Lyoness as two years ago I "invested" 2000 Euros in Lyoness F. and 2000 Dollars in Lyoness USA with Zero returns! This is not what I was told at the time. I wish I had listened to my husband who said at the time it looked like a scam. Is there a way for victims to join together for legal action? CF from F.

  2. CF from F, please send us your contact details in a separate post, so we can assess your case in more detail, and provide you with more detailed, and more helpful advice. In general we can say that your name can be added to our internal list of victims, with which we, if it becomes long enough, hope to confront European and national authorities, as well as consider legal action. Plattform-Lyoness has a similar campaign, but is more focused on German-speaking victims. There are also plenty opportunities to go take legal action on your own, and we are capable and willing to help you with that.

    Obviously, we treat your case and your private information confidentially.