Freidl's web of lies: the Lyoness maze

It sounds a little like a Disneyworld attraction: Freidl's web of lies. Although there are some similarities (it may be nauseating and scary), few people (will) enjoy this ride.

A particularly interesting part of this web is constituted by the Lyoness labyrinth, a maze designed to limit the view of prospects, victims, regulators and prosecutors of 'who is who' and 'who owns what' in the foggy clouds that surround the Lyoness scam.

A long list of corporate structures has been founded by Freidl, his known accomplices and others, that all have (had) something to do with Lyoness. Firstly, nearly any country Freidl and his travelling circus expanded to got its own national limited liability corporation. These national LLCs supplemented the list of  corporate structures already existing in the host countries of Lyoness - Switzerland and Austria.

In Buchs (Switzerland) alone, 7 companies are registered under the name Lyoness. These are: Lyoness Europe AG, Lyoness International AG, Lyoness IMEA SA, Lyoness Loyalty GmbH, Lyoness Loyalty IMEA GmbH, Lyoness Child and Family Foundation and Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (the latter two being registered as charities). In Austria, there are nine - spread over several cities: three Lyoness Dataservices, Lyoness Management GmbH, Lyoness eBiz GmbH, Lyoness Aviation GmbH, Lyoness Cashback AG, Lyoness Development GmbH and Lyoness Greenfinity GmbH (registered as charity).
As mentioned, next to these overarching corporations, nearly every country where Lyoness is active has a national LLC. In total, this leads to 42 additional companies

Then there are the companies that are not as obviously related to the Lyoness 'system' (i.e. do not contain Lyoness in their company name). The two most notable ones are Stinos AG and the Global Invest Group AG, both registered in Buchs, Switzerland.

Recently, it was reported that officially, Hubert Freidl is not one of the founders of Lyoness. In 2003 legal proceedings (pdf) started by his former business partner (co-owner of Galvagin) Helmut Rucker, Freidl denied all responsibility for the actions of the newly found corporation called Lyoness Holding Europe AG (Lyoness Holding Europe Ltd.), stating that he had been just hired as a director to increase the customer base of the company.

Apparently, Lyoness Holding Europe AG was the first corporate structure developed by the Lyoness empire. This holding has changed names and company purpose twice, changed its address four times and has seen a true legion of directors coming, going and changing positions.

The official founders of Lyoness Holding Europe AG are:

- Iwan J. Ackermann
- Max Meienberg
- Uwe Proch

Max Meienberg is tied to Centrapriv Zug AG, the company that hosted the Lyoness Holding Europe at its offices and director of Compumax Ltd. together with co-founder Uwe Proch. Iwan J. Ackermann, from Liechtenstein, is co-owner of Financial Partners FP Ltd., a company specialised in providing services for client trying to get sizeable tax reductions by moving business offshore and setting up shell corporations. In fact, FP made the international news when it became known that following the banking secret controversy surrounding the Liechtenstein-based bank LGT Group, the First Advisory Group (of which FP is a part) would take over these services from LGT. Similarly, Max Meienberg seems to be a specialist in guiding liquidations and restarting companies under a new name.

This all raises the question why a 'legitimate, good-intended shopping community' would need so many companies, registered in so many different countries, by so many different people of so many different nationalities. One reason has become pretty obvious recently, when Swiss and Austrian prosecutors were fighting over the right to prosecute Lyoness, as the headquarters of the company are located in Buchs, but also in Graz. In general, the corporate maze behind Lyoness seems to be designed to obstruct justice and make it more difficult for prosecutors and victims to sue Lyoness.


  1. Lyoness was designed as a massive tax scam with a rapidly diminishing veil of a so called 'shopping community!' It was created by Tax Avoidance Specialists - or should I say thief's - with one goal in mind - to rape and pillage the treasuries of every country they launch in.

    Lyoness members! Look at your invoices... where is the GST/Sales Tax/VAT? Vouchers should carry this tax. But this is just the start of the tax games they are playing.

    You think you are helping your community? If no tax is being paid - because it is being stolen by these 2 bit bandits - how can Lyoness possibly be helping your community? They are steeling your taxes to fuel their private jets and fund their 'secretive' luxury lifestyle!

    Perhaps the C&FF has been created to allow Freidle to sleep at night as he continues to carry out his evil mission. Ask yourself this... how many hospitals, schools and homes for the helpless can be built if scum bags like these and their companies didn't rape our treasuries?

    I urge everyone who has woken up to the 'truth about Lyoness' to litter the internet with this knowledge, copy videos from youtube and repost them as many times as you can so we can all ensure the message gets out there - FAST!

    Good on you BlogSpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the insight. I wondered why we didn't pay GST here in Australia. My upline in Lyoness told me Lyoness Australia had a special arrangement with the Australian Tax Office. More lies I guess.

    1. You should check with the Australian Taxation Department you may find a completely different set of facts to that of what your "Upline" is telling you.

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Anonymous. If you would like to communicate with us privately, please leave your email address in a comment - it will not be published.

    Concerning the tax fraud committed by Lyoness, you may also like to read:

    And of course, we supported your appeal to everyone to spread the truth about Lyoness!