Lyoness: the rescuer of (small) enterprises?

Much like the people currently lured into the FlexKom racket, which are enticed to believe that they are visionaries that are going to save the local 'high-street' and, therewith, the world economy - the promoters of Lyoness have tried for years to convince consumers/'private investors' that their participation in Lyoness will save local small and medium-sized enterprises, the world economy (through its business model that provides everyone with a guarantee of future financial freedom), the world population (through the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation) and the future existence of the world (through the Greenfinity Foundation).

Similarly, it has attempted to convince numerous small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide that their companies will considerably benefit from their participation in Lyoness through a guaranteed increase of customers and turnover - and can save them from the trouble they may encounter under the current global economic conditions - as well as that that is the reason major corporations worldwide are extremely anxious to become a partner of Lyoness; a Lyoness 'Loyalty Merchant'.

Everyone who is familiar with the content of this Blog has been able to see with their very own eyes that these claims are very questionable at best. First of all, there are not so many multi-national corporations that have actually consented to being a 'Lyoness partner'. Similarly, no evidence can be produced that Lyoness increases the amount of customers coming to the 'Loyalty Merchants', as well as their turnover. In fact, all quantifiable evidence that is currently available points in exactly the opposite direction. With only 10% of the Lyoness members actually using the Lyoness discount systems, and for a very low amount of purchases, and 99.7% of the Lyoness turnover deriving from investments into the pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes lurking behind the facade of a cross-sectoral, international 'shopping community', the benefit for participating 'Loyalty Merchants' is yet to be found. More and more, it becomes clear that much like the consumers/'private investors' that were enticed to sign up for the Lyoness racket, the 'Loyalty Merchants' were just brought in to 'benefit' from the numerous scams which the Lyoness instigators were meticulously hiding behind their corporate exterior.

Recently, Plattform Lyoness has reported that bauMax, a major chain of hardware stores, particularly big in Eastern Europe, and one of the major Lyoness 'partners' which was paraded around to prove the legality and legitimacy of the Lyoness racket, has filed for bankruptcy.

"The German construction business giant Baumax' long struggle to survive has ended yesterday, Thursday, in a bankruptcy. Persistent losses led to severe liquidity restraints; various suppliers no longer accepted the delayed payments and stopped the stream of supplies to Baumax.

An attempt to gather 40 million euros in the very last moment failed. Therefore, the chain store subsequently reported the opening of insolvency proceedings in Hamburg. 18,000 jobs are on the line."

Apparently, their 'partnership' with Lyoness did not bring in enough extra customers and turnover to turn the tide - and it is very unlikely it will do that for any other company, too.

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