The Witness Statements #1: 'We lost our life savings to Lyoness'

Plattform Lyoness Witness Statement #1:

"I would like to testify how Lyoness was presented and sold to me. It was in September 2010 when my husband and I first saw a Lyoness presentation. Basically, we had heard of and liked the concept of "money back with every purchase", which we understood immediately. So we took the cash back card immediately. 

After listening to the first part of the presentation, the presenter announced a short break and explained that in the second part those who would stick around, the ones seriously interested, were going to make money. We stuck around, because we needed to make money. We listened to the second part, then known as the "business part". We only understood a small part of it, so we went to further presentations, in order to step by step understand the whole. I must admit I did not completely grasp it to this day.

Since I was present at almost all presentations, of course I was sold a business package. Of course I had concerns about investing so much money (naturally I was excited to earn 16,572 euros), but I also knew that I must find people who paid down on a business package. In the first part of the presentation, there was a slide on which an example of a "supplement" was shown. This was shown as follows: if I would want to have back one of my 50 euro units, I would need to enumerate 575 euros and I would get vouchers worth 625 euros. This was only once casually mentioned in the end of part 1. I did not realize what a deposit of 2000 euros entailed, until I encountered Plattform Lyoness. 

But again back to how my business package was peddled to me. Actually, I had planned to only make payments in Accounting Category 1 (50 euro positions). I was told that was not clever, because when I would enroll a business partner and I would not be 'present' in the first three accounting categories (then they had a different name), the units purchased by this business partner would not benefit me, but my recommender instead. You probably know the slide with the two large red crosses? And of course countless times I was made ​​aware that I my deposit will render a return of 16,572 euros. Of course, I wanted to have this amount, but I was still doubting quite a bit, until the real clincher was revealed: AMERICA.

After a presentation, the presenter took some people aside and almost conspiratorially, as if they would trust us with a "privileged" secret, drew on a piece of paper some matrices (which I do not understand to this day) and told us that now is our chance to earn money in a huge market. I would just need to purchase units there and wait, because everything would happen so fast there, that within a short time several of my units would multiply. Within one year, at most one and a half, we would benefit. The decision to purchase units should be taken quickly, because the American market would be only open for two more months for Austrians. 

However, in order to be represented in America, it was a precondition that one was a business partner (now: premium member) in Austria. So I made ​​a decision. Unfortunately, this was a wrong decision, as I know now. 4000 euros of my savings are tied up in Lyoness. The supplement that I would have to pay I want to get my investment back is 50,000 euros. Where in the world should I take 50,000 euros from? If I would have had such money, I would have never fallen for these tricks in the first place. I hoped to earn money because we have a mortgage to pay off and because we need every single euro we have. 

The facts are that today, after almost three years, I have not once received the 450 euros for the multiplication of a unit in AC1. Concerning the units I purchased in America, there I have 2 units above and 1 unit below, in some none at all, after three years. How long will it take until I have 35 units above and below even one single unit? Well, this is my story. If I think of anything else to supplement my story, I will write to you again."

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