The Witness Statements #3: 'Of course it was a lie'

Plattform Lyoness Witness Statement #3:

"Twice I was (of necessity because I was already almost forced to do so) at an information event. The first time about 2 years ago and again nine months later for a friend's sake. There were two different seminar leaders, but both were very upbeat and overly optimistic. The rhetoric aimed at brainwashing.

On request, it was confirmed that the down-payments would return, but only in vouchers. To my question: "what happens if I cannot find and convince other people to join", they laughed and said: "no worries there; Lyoness is unrivaled and the idea is unbeatable. Soon, there will be ​​advertising and people will be tearing the card out of your fingers."

It was shown in a propaganda film of Lyoness and repeatedly stressed that this is only the beginning of everything and one should take the opportunity NOW before it is too late. It was also promised that soon almost everywhere the cash back card can be used, even at discount stores. I also noticed that almost not a word was mentioned about the free card, but the goal was simply to find as many premium members (i.e. paid members) as possible, and have them invest as much as possible.

The TÜV and ISO certificates were referenced and it was said that the few large corporations involved like OMV, EDEKA, McDonalds, Media Markt and Saturn Hansa have thoroughly examined Lyoness. Media Markt and Saturn Hansa are no longer partners of Lyoness in Germany and the others just sell their vouchers.

Concerning the down-payments, I forgot to write something. It is mentioned that the down-payment of e.g. 2,000 euros is fully refundable, yet only in vouchers. So, if I would pay 2,000 euros and then change my mind, I do not get my money back, but vouchers worth 2,000 euros. 

Of course that was a lie, and no-one gets to read the terms and conditions.

I have not invested a single penny in Lyoness, because I found the whole atmosphere (cult-like) very strange and because the whole thing presented there to me, did not make much sense.  

What bothered me most was that they were discouraging questions! Everything was very amateurish, like a walk in the park. My only regret is that my good friend has terminated our friendship that goes back years,  because I did not want to become a Lyoness Premium Member. The brainwashing had fully hit him. He also terminated the friendship with another friend, who also did not want to join Lyoness. Up until the first contact with Lyoness, he was an absolutely reliable, honest and not a stupid man. Also, his finances were fine. Now,  he terrorises other people and uses force to convince them to join Lyoness. There is also 10 times the  question whether you really do not want to be there now. Many feel harassed and are already angry. Of course, lies are told permanently and everything is projected way too optimistically. I am sure there are people that have very sad stories to tell because of Lyoness 

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