No more 'sensation' for Lyoness?

For several years now, Lyoness has been hosting (some of) its mass deception events under the name 'Lyoness Sensation'. On these decadent, extravagant events, the victims of the Lyoness racket are encouraged to believe that Lyoness is their way out of financial slavery, into the world of financial freedom, if only they are willing to give their money to Lyoness, and convince others to do the same.

To the untrained eye of many casual observers, as well as of the often severely deluded victims, these events may seem impressive - and are tactically positioned as a symbol of the success of Freidl and his 'brilliant company', yet if one considers how many investors (currently 3,000,000, according to Lyoness' official communication channels) have been attracted by Lyoness, and how much money they have invested into this system (Lyoness had a global turnover of about 1.2 billion dollars last year, of which 99.7% derived from down payments on future purchases), it becomes clear that in the light of these facts, these expenditures are everything but impressive, as they are paid for from a huge pile of stolen money, much like the other 'impressive' expenditures (such as charity) by Lyoness.

Over the last few years, several major events were organised under the name 'Lyoness Sensation', a name that seems to have been chosen to pretend affinity with the large-scale, internationally organised dance events entitled Sensation. We can only imagine how unhappy the organiser of the original Sensation events (The Netherlands based ID&T) is going to be when the Lyoness lie fully unravels and its now popular events will be associated with the Lyoness racket and the meetings that were used to lure people in.

However, there is reason to believe that not many 'Lyoness Sensation' events will be organised anymore. Plattform Lyoness has reported that Lyoness had announced its next 'Sensation' event to take place in February 2014 (to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the 'shopping community'), yet that as soon as this announcement appeared, it disappeared again too. So far, it is unclear when Lyoness will organise its next 'Sensation' event, and it looks like there is not going to be one (at least, none has been announced through the official Lyoness channels). Almost certainly, there will not be a 'Lyoness Sensation' event in 2013 (why else would Lyoness have announced its next event for the beginning of 2014), whereas the 'Lyoness Sensations' used to be an annual thing. In 2010, there were even two 'Lyoness Sensations' in one year.

Plattform-Lyoness has also reported that in Switzerland, Lyoness is not planning (i.e. announcing) any future events whatsoever, which seems to nicely match the earlier conclusion that Lyoness is shrinking in Switzerland. However, it is still somewhat surprising, as reportedly, Lyoness' 'business information events' were organised in the Zurich Hilton twice a week.

Apparently, Freidl and his accomplices have also realised that the Lyoness lie has pretty much reached its limit, especially in the countries where it has operated the longest. Next to that, most wealthy countries have been entered, and are getting to the stage where the maximum victim potential is reached. In other words, the Lyoness racket is running out of new victims and will thus soon collapse. Apparently, now Lyoness itself realises that too and has concluded that the costs of renting the Zurich Hilton twice a week are not covered by the down-payments put in by the new members joining in Switzerland.

It is difficult to witness that, even while considering these developments, the masses of deluded Lyoness victims are still completely convinced they will reach their goals and dreams through following the success-guaranteed plan provided by mastermind Freidl. 

Please, help us spread the truth about Lyoness and help the deluded adherents wake up and face reality.

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