The Witness Statements #2: 'Lost 23,000 euros' to 'cult-like structured' Lyoness

Plattform Lyoness Witness Statement #2:

"As previously reported, I have unfortunately fallen for the statements of the Lyoness tricksters, and I have down-paid the 2,000 euros. I was interested in the investment - and I am sticking with the term 'investment', because the seller, even after a year, still spoke of investing in the new countries! 

Through the Swiss Consumer Forum K-Tipp, I was fortunately preserved in time from further evil, due to the reports of Germanius, Twist and PonziCharles. Because I have not managed to recruit anyone, my money is still completely with Lyoness. Meanwhile, I have met several victims and I am in contact with them. 

Here some information:

The first victim invested € 27,000 into Lyoness about 4 years ago - returns so far: approximately € 6,000.
This person told me: "Since 2011, I have made virtually nothing".

The second victim invested € 4000 about 4.5 years ago - returns so far: approximately € 400. This person said: "I am entitled to commissions, but stopped recruiting, because I did not want to lose my friends. Then  I slowly realised how Lyoness works. In the beginning, I was blinded by the glossy brochures!"

Furthermore, I know a group of investors who have invested about 3 years ago in "Ami-Continental matrices" and have so far had zero return! 

Lyoness sells down-payments on nothing! 

The supposed global company is a global money collection system! Lyoness leeches between consumers and traders and has no economic benefit for the people!

Freidl has done nothing else the last 20 years than exploit people through payment systems of various types, and only a few have been allowed to divide the booty with him! 

This also explains the cult-like structure of the organisation, in which the newly recruited members are only allowed to know a bit. When they are loyal to Lyoness, they are allowed to learn more. Really everything is only know by a few, who are of course the ones that enrich themselves the most!"

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Disclaimer: The Complaint Centre Lyoness does not accept responsibility for (the consequences of) errors that may have occurred while translating this testimony from its original source (link on top of article). In case of doubt or uncertainty, the original statement is leading.

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