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By now, the Lyoness Complaint Centre has reached over 65,000 page views. We have reached about 9,000 unique viewers. We are very grateful to everyone who helped us reaching these viewers and informing them about Lyoness.

We particularly want to emphasise the help of regular posters on popular forum topics on Lyoness. This help has proven extremely valuable to the number of people reaching our Blog, for a number of reasons. Firstly, more people reach our Blog because of the link being posted on a forum they visit and read. Secondly, this increase in viewership leads to a higher ranking in search engines such as Google, which further increases the number of viewers reaching our Blog. Thirdly, an increasing amount of backlinks at reputable websites/Blogs/forums, also increases our rating in Google, again leading to a higher viewership. Thanks guys!

However, we are an ambitious blog. We will not rest until we have reached at least as many people as Lyoness has scammed (an estimated 3 million people). Therefore, we will need your help!

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