The Lyoness Myths #8: Only 30-35 people are unhappy with Lyoness

The Lyoness myths section was developed to assess the validity of the arguments used by Lyoness instigators and adherents to 'prove' that Lyoness provides a viable business opportunity. It should provide people considering to become a Lyoness member with a more balanced view of the 'overwhelming' sales pitch of the Lyoness racketeers, as well as show people defrauded by Lyoness how exactly they were deceived and lured into Freidl's web of lies.

When asked about the persistent and rapidly increasing controversy surrounding his 'company', Hubert Freidl stated confidently that out of all those millions of happy Lyoness members, maybe 30 to 35 had some minor complaints about the impeccable services provided to them by Lyoness.

Anyone who has been reading about the latest developments in the Lyoness case at any of the many well-informed sources reporting on these developments will understand immediately that this statement constitutes a blatant lie, which serves to keep the millions of (often unwitting) victims calm. Looking at the Income Disclosure Statement of Lyoness Americas, it seems more plausible that 30-35 people (out of the 3,000,000 members) are not unhappy with Lyoness.

In Austria, Plattform Lyoness has reported recently that by now, 500 people have contacted them and stated that they feel scammed by Lyoness and want their money back. This number grows steadily. Additionally, the Lyoness Complaint Centre, that's us, has reported earlier that in Australia, a considerable number of victims has applied for refunds and examined the legal possibilities to force Lyoness to pay back their investments. Several of these people have already taken action in this respect.

In the mean time, Freidl and his companions keep up the happy face, continue smiling and lying to everyone who is willing to listen and buy themselves enough time to get away with their criminal acts - and start working on new ones. Anyone who buys that 'only 30-35 people are not completely happy with Lyoness', must really think very hard why on earth they would believe that. Perhaps, the Lyoness racketeers have had more influence on their thoughts than they'd care to admit.

In line with the appeal launched by Plattform Lyoness, the Lyoness Complaint Centre would like to, once again, emphasise the importance of filing your complaints with the appropriate (local) authorities and contacting an independent intermediary for advice. Also, tell your story and spread the truth!

The Lyoness Complaint Centre can be contacted using the comment section below. Please, indicate whether the content is intended to be published or not. Contact details will never be disclosed or published.

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