The Austrian Mafia #9: Lyoness' attack on Wikipedia

It is one of the most beautiful initiatives in the world: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Set out to educate the world population in every available language, on every possible subject, independently of any other organisation or individual, and completely free of charge, Wikipedia has rapidly become one of the most respected websites on the internet and a 'go to' source for nearly everyone seeking (basic) information on nearly everything.

Although it has taken quite a while, recently, we were happy to report that Lyoness was no longer hidden on Wikipedia behind a 'redirect' to the mythological land of 'Lyonesse', from which the name 'Lyoness' was directly derived, but that 'the world's largest shopping community' had finally gotten its very own article on the world's largest encyclopedia.

However, we are reliably informed that a user by the name 'LyoNewMedia' has been trying to delete or alter vital parts of the article, as well as to diffuse part of the truth on Lyoness. As reported by the main contributor to the Lyoness Wikipedia article, 'Lyoness Expert', 'LyoNewMedia' has even succeeded to have the Wikipedia community remove the references in the article pointing to the excellent Blog of mr. David Brear and his articles on the Lyoness racket. According to our own investigations, 'LyoNewMedia' has been trying to pull off the same the tricks on the German version of Wikipedia, where this user is one of the main contributors on the Lyoness article.

Although the Complaint Centre Lyoness greatly values neutrality, objectivity and open-access, it should not be the case that the Lyoness racketeers get granted permission to write their own 'truth' on Wikipedia, whilst isolating the millions of interested people all around the globe from the actual truth. We therefore appeal to the good sense of the Wikipedia community to disallow this obvious puppet account of Lyoness to change anything in the Lyoness article, as this obviously violates all pillars Wikipedia was built on in terms of Wikipedia being unbiased, neutral and objective.

Another important question to consider is why Lyoness is so keen on altering and hiding the truth. Do they have more to hide than they previously claimed? Does the Blog of mr. David Brear out too many of their well-hidden secrets?

Luckily, Lyoness' attack on Wikipedia has not stopped the efforts of others to publish Wikipedia articles in other countries. Next to the Swedish Wikipedia page that popped up earlier, now we have been informed that Lyoness is featured on the Spanish Wikipedia too.

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