Lyoness victims, claim your cash back!

'Money back with every purchase' is one of the strongest slogans coined by the Lyoness over the years. However, the people who have fallen victim to the Lyoness fraud no longer just want some small cash rebate, they demand their investments back.

The Austrian organisation for Lyoness victims - Plattform Lyoness - has issued a request for Lyoness victims to submit the documents that prove the amount of their losses, in order to be able to sum up how much damage Lyoness has caused so far and to file official complaints to Lyoness. Obviously, nothing will be shared with any third party The form can be found at:

International Lyoness victims can also decide to contact the Lyoness Complaint Centre instead. This can be done through leaving a comment. Unless otherwise specified, comments will not be published. 

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