'Members only': Lyoness explains its own pyramid scheme

The Complaint Centre has earlier reported that Lyoness seems to have resorted to the desperate technique of blaming their (rogue) distributors for everything that is wrong with the 'company'. Naturally, this is pure nonsense, for everything the distributors peddle are the systems developed by Freidl and his friends, as well as the propaganda material they have designed to peddle it to the masses. No matter who narrates the internal, 'members only' videos that feature (part of) official Lyoness presentations, the content of the slides remains the exclusive intellectual property of Lyoness - making the founders and owners fully responsible for the illegal swindle promoted in these videos. And let's not forget: it was Hubert Freidl himself who instructed his followers that Lyoness is all about 'positions, positions, positions, positions'.

Although the sophisticated, high-end marketing firms and video production companies hired by Lyoness to construct their propaganda material have managed to make the scam appear less obvious to casual observers and to take the sharp edges of the explanation of the fraud (contrary to the amateurish narration and production of the distributor-made propaganda videos featured on this Blog earlier) - the scam does remain obvious to anyone who has taken the time to read about how Lyoness has tried to dissimulate and disguise its 'closed-market swindle'.

This video is what reportedly gets shown to every new member of Lyoness, to explain them about 'the extended benefits' of the Lyoness system (which they falsely claim have been certified by TÜV Rheinland). This video does not contain any form of distributor narration, and the content of it can therefore only be attributed to Lyoness (that is, Freidl and his friends), and to no-one else.

The video below is the fourth and final part of the video, which we have embedded to show you how the 'position system' - i.e. 'the core business', the pyramid scheme - of Lyoness functions according to Lyoness, and how 'making money' with Lyoness is dependent on 'positions, positions, positions, positions', thus the recruitment of new members, who also want to become premium members by putting in down-payments of at least 1,800 GBP, 2000 euros, 3000 CHF/USD, etc.

For the people who are interested in seeing how Lyoness deceives and manipulates people into believing joining this pyramid scheme is actually a good idea, and a decision they made themselves, based on the available 'evidence', and as a truly and completely 'free choice' (an essential attribute of 'blame-the-victim' scams), we recommend watching the entire video. The video is split up into four parts, which are available on Youtube through the following links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Note the beautiful opening quote, which has of course nothing to do with a 'shopping community', let alone with all the scams Lyoness has been peddling to the world, but has deviously been designed (and combined with images of according events in people's lives) to program the minds of the people who view it:

"Happiness, it's so wonderful. Friendship, someone you can trust. Love, it's the ultimate."

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