Lyoness vouchers unavailable in Hungary?

Yesterday, Plattform Lyoness reported that the vouchers that Lyoness continues to peddle down-payments on to its deluded Hungarian followers at the following companies, are no longer available:

- Baumax 
- Hervis 
- Hunguest 
- Internet Mall Hungary
- Media Markt 
- Müller
- Oázis 
- OMV 
- Praktiker 
- Vögele

In other words, Lyoness victims who have put down advance payments on vouchers for these companies, will probably not be able to use their vouchers if they ever actually receive them (that is, if they bring in enough new victims). Of course, it is scant consolation that the actual vouchers are irrelevant to the systems operated by the Lyoness racketeers. The vouchers merely serve as a redundant disguise, designed to cover up the pyramid scheme.

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