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As an addition to the article published on the Lyoness 'cashback card', some interesting figures have been made available by the founders of 'Plattform Lyoness'.

According to these documents, only about 10% of its participants have ever even used the cashback card.

Another document shows that more than 98% of the turnover of this specific sub-organisation is  coming from the advance payments of its members, not from actual discounts.

Also, a document was published combining the income statements of several (former) Lyoness participants.


  1. Hi! I'm a quasi former lyoness member from Italy. I'm trying to quit Lyoness because as you state here it's actually a scam: it's well masked, but it's a scam. Did you know that the founders of were CEO (mr. Kreuzer) and Sales Director (mr. Passler) of Lyoness Italia s.r.l. in 2010 when I became a premium member? Is it a kind of weird that those who were at the top of the Italian Pyramid now start a platform to support Lyoness victims? Are they trying to redeem themselves? Congratulations for your blog: you inspired me and I'm going to start a similar blog in Italian.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    thank you very much for your comment and I am looking forward to seeing your work on your blog.

    If you would want to contact me via email, please leave your email address in a comment - it will not be posted.