David Brear on Lyoness

English author David Brear’s [unchallenged], copyrighted study of [Lyoness] concludes that: 'Lyoness is an unoriginal, blame-the-victim, cultic racket comprising a dissimulated closed-market swindle and various, related, advance fee frauds’ (Wikipedia).

'Lyoness' is a lie and Hubert Freidl is its author (September 2012):

'Lyoness' has exhibited the universal identifying characteristics of a cult (September 2012):

The 'Lyoness' lie is an 'Amway' copycat, complete with its own Lady Haw-Haw (October 2012):

Hubert Freidl and Jimmy Savile, criminals hidden behind philanthropy (October 2012):

No matter how much you believe in the 'Lyoness' Utopia, you can never achieve it (October 2012):

'Lyoness' racketeers foolishly attempt to silence 'MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare' (November 2012):

The absurd 'Lyoness' propaganda is strangely familiar (December 2012):

Victims of the Lyoness lie - contact 'Quality Austria'! (May 2013):

Deluded Giulia is certain Warren Buffett believes in 'Lyoness' (May 2013):

'Lyoness' core-adherents believe they are part of a Master Race (June 2013):

The 'Lyoness' racket is still hiding in plain view (June 2013):

The 'Lyoness' people's business lie, is an adaptation of another big lie (June 2013):

'Scientology, Lyoness, Herbalife, Nutrilite, Amway,' the same lie, but with different authors and titles (June 2013):

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