Disgruntled believers try to sell their Lyoness positions

Earlier, it was reported that (former) Lyoness victims that have bravely faced reality have demanded retribution from Freidl and his friends, and that some extremely disillusioned examples have also uploaded sales ads on sales websites similar to eBay.

Apparently, this was only the tip of the iceberg. Much like victims of for instance the Herbalife racket offering their unsaleable, hugely overpriced wampum at an incredible discount on eBay, on Austrian auction/sales websites, an increasing amount of disgruntled Lyoness victims, who have completely lost faith in ever seeing a cent back from Lyoness (either through recruiting new members or being reimbursed by Lyoness), upload sales ads offering their 'positions' or 'accounting units' for a fraction of the actual 'value'.

The guys over at KTipp counted 11 ads, with a total price of 23,290 euros - obviously a fraction of the price paid by the victims who now try to sell their packages.

Although the Lyoness Complaint Centre does sympathise with the undoubtedly complex situation these people are in, we would like to note that selling your Lyoness positions means you are selling 'shares' in an illegal pyramid scheme - and may therefore cause you legal scrutiny in the future too.

The same goes of course for the (still) active members of Lyoness who try to peddle positions - as Freidl has already stressed that any wrongdoing towards members is the (legal) responsibility of their recommenders.

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