The No Comment Facts Series #3: the organisation

The Lyoness No Comment Facts (NCF) Series was developed to provide key information about the Lyoness scam, but which the Lyoness Complaint Centre chooses not to comment on at this point. However, we feel we should not hold this key information to ourselves, as we feel it could be particularly important to other investigators of Lyoness, including journalists, prosecutors, (government) officials and victims demanding their money back. Even though we refrain from commenting on this information at this stage, the readers of this blog should feel free to leave their comments on the posts featured in the series.

Following the earlier 'Lyoleaks' reportings on the financial administration of the collection of corporate structures arbitrarily named 'Lyoness' and a collection of the documentation revolving around their paraded-around, effectively worthless certificates, it is time for full exposure of the organisation and who is a part of it. This document, once again published by 'Plattform-Lyoness', sets out the national and international corporate structures that officially belong to Lyoness and sums up the people working for them. (.pdf file)

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