The Austrian Mafia 7: Lyoness' attempts to obstruct spreading of the truth

Earlier, this Blog has reported on several occasions that people should be aware that Lyoness, its instigators and/or core-adherents seek to obstruct justice by preventing Lyoness victims and/or critics from finding and spreading the truth about Lyoness. One prominent way of doing this has been to deny information-seekers access to critical websites about Lyoness, by actively infiltrating, possessing and controlling core search terms, such as 'Lyoness', 'Lyoness Scam', 'Lyoness Fraud' and 'Lyoness Pyramid Scheme'.

When unwitting or unaware information-seekers insert any of these terms into popular search engines such as Google and Bing, next to a series of variants of the Lyoness main and corporate websites, several obvious propaganda Blogs and websites surface. There is the mind-numbing nonsense of 'islyonessascam' and 'lyonessreviewscamfraud'. There is the clearly independent review of Mr Chris Pickard, who elsewhere claims to be a Lyoness member and to have made a meager amount of money off of this membership - like is common for Lyoness members. And of course, there is Jeanette Hayworth with her truly reprehensible lies developed to prevent anyone looking at Lyoness from forming a proper opinion and making a wise and informed decision.

That, we knew. However, today Plattform-Lyoness reported that Lyoness directors have registered and thus own a substantial amount of domain names that would likely be used to spread the truth about Lyoness (for instance by victims of the Lyoness racket) at some point. In this way, Lyoness makes it considerably harder for critics of their 'company' to reach information-seekers about Lyoness and inform them of the truth. These are the domains that were listed by Plattform-Lyoness:

Marko Sedovnik (Slovenia)

Alexander Lerch (Graz, Austria)

Monika Murarova (Malta)

Rosenzopf Wolf Peter (Malta)

Consequentially, we ask our readers once more, please help us spread our message!

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