Lawsuit against Plattform Lyoness

The guys over at Plattform Lyoness have received notice that they will be asked to defend themselves in front of an Austrian judge. Obviously, the initiator of the court case is Lyoness - specifically the following people:

- Hubert Freidl
- Tzvetan Wagner
- Monika Murarova
- Alexander Lerch
- Johann Köppling
- Gerald Ernst Seebacher
- Ernst Tuider
- Franz Freidinger

Represented by the Austrian-based lawfirm Piaty, Müller-Mezin & Schoeller, the same firm that owns and registered Lyoness' website in Malta and has registered a number of copyrights and patents on Lyoness logo's, names and slogans around the world.

The Complaint Centre has not had a look at the notice, but concludes based on the writings of 'Plattform Lyoness' that Lyoness is suing them for violating secrecy agreements and publishing internally-distributed, sensitive information and facts about Lyoness. Ironically, it does not seem like Lyoness is contesting the allegations made by the platform. 'Plattform Lyoness', by the way, denies leaking internal company documents to RTL editor Alfred Riehm.

Looks like the panic is rising in Graz and Buchs. They have stopped denying the truth, and started to attack its messengers.

To be continued..

1 comment:

  1. Nothing is surprising with Freidl & Co, these people will stop at nothing to hide the truth about the ways in which they do business, the following is not much better!

    The world will be satisfied when the final judgements are made regarding the Lyoness business model and the conduct of the shareholders, directors and employees.