Gerhard Huber promises to continue fighting Lyoness

After years of failing to stop or even fully notice and identify the Lyoness racket, recently the Austrian political interest in Lyoness (and consequently, some similar scams) has considerably increased. The Austrian 'Green' party has openly criticised the Austrian authorities for their lax performance in stopping the Lyoness racket and bringing its authors to justice. Also, Gerhard Huber, member of the Austrian parliament, has recently posed questions to the Austrian ministers of Justice and Finance about Lyoness and the (lax) response of the Austrian authorities on Lyoness' seemingly unchallenged continued worldwide fraud expansion.

Plattform Lyoness reports that the answers of the ministers will come in on Tuesday (25 June). In the mean time, Plattform Lyoness reports to have received an email from Gerhard Huber in which he declares his continuous support for the cause of the founders of the victim's interest group and promises to continue his political fight against the 'company':

"Subject: Leitbetriebe Österreich

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

first of all I must thank you for sending all the information, and I want to apologise for my late reply. Mr Bucher has forwarded me your email about Leitbetriebe Österreich, because I follow the case of Lyoness for quite some time now and have already posed several questions to different government ministers. 

I have therefore read your writings with greatest interest and I can assure you that I will continue to work on the case of Lyoness with all available parliamentary means. As an example I have attached the most recent questions to this email. A response is required by the statutory deadlines before 25.06.2013. You will be able to find the responses at the following links:

Kind regards, 

Gerhard Huber 
Member of the National Parliament"

We're curious.

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