'The Lyoness Academy': Degrees in Deception?

Recently, we reported about the masterclasses in lying and deceiving taught by prominent Lyoness members. Now it seems like Lyoness and its instigators have decided to professionalise their education by founding a 'Lyoness Academy'.

Below, (a translation of) the email about this, sent out by Robert Wehrli, managing director of Lyoness Switzerland:

"Subject: The Lyoness Lead Academy has started

Dear Member, 

with the official start of the Lyoness Lead Academy you and your team have an amazing training program at your disposal. Due to the enthusiastic response caused by the existing training and education program, the concepts have been further developed and perfected to meet our highest standards. Let the result overwhelm you!

In the first module - the Shopping Network Seminar - you and your team can already set the course for success in Lyoness' referral marketing. Following the principle 'Modelling of Excellence' you will get acquainted with those successful in Lyoness and their experiences and strategies. To follow a proven road and to acquire the established recipe for success is the fastest and most effective way of becoming successful yourself - use this opportunity to make your way to the top!

And of course: the more participants in your Shopping Network that complete this education, the faster your career will develop as well! Benefit from this opportunity as soon as possible (today) and apply for one of the upcoming Lyoness Shopping Network Seminars!"


No reader of this Blog will be surprised to read that we at the Complaint Centre consider this blatant attempt to control the minds of the Lyoness hordes despicable and a major offence. To clarify, hereby we refer to the mass indoctrination that commonly takes place on such events, combined with the deviously deceptive flawed logic that is imprinted in the minds of the deluded adherents, which boils down to the following: 

To gain a place in a future, happy and wealthy Utopian world (usually entitled 'financial freedom'), the only thing you have to do is copy what others have done (i.e. follow the proven recipe for success); which is: invest as much as possible into Lyoness and convince others to do the same.

As we have it on good authority that Hubert Freidl is increasing his level of involvement in 'minor' Lyoness events, and has been partying with his closest followers for 10 days in Austria, we are very curious whether professor Freidl himself will be teaching the seminars. If so, the title of his first lecture may well be: 'positions, positions, positions, positions'.

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