Member indoctrination: what Lyoness does not want you to know (1)

Recently, the Lyoness Complaint Centre came into possession of an email which is sent to American Lyoness members, instructing them on how to recruit new Lyoness members, and more particularly, how to convince their prospects that Lyoness is a viable 'business opportunity'.

As readers of this blog are aware of, Lyoness tries to hide any form of in-depth information about its practices from the world. Therefore, most of the links in the email are only accessible for people in possession of log-in details (which need to be provided by the Lyoness recruiters). However, the Complaint Centre did gain access to a lengthy video presentation about Lyoness, given by the highest ranked Lyoness member in North America, 'Dr.' Rik Wahlrab, a chiropractor from Laguna Niguel, California.  

This presentation, by the way, is an official, internal Lyoness presentation - narrated by Wahlrab. It goes a little further than the official Lyoness presentation that is publicly available on the Internet. Furthermore, Wahlrab shows his audience two internal documents which are meticulously hidden from the outside world, namely the American Lyoness income disclosure statement and a document detailing the 'ten ways to make money with Lyoness'.

You can watch the above video and wait until the end for the next part to show up as a recommendation, or you can just click the separate links yourself:

Please, do not forget that the people who get shown this video are 'prepared' by the recruiters - and, therefore, their moods are set right to match the contents of the presentation for maximum chances of persuasion and enrollment in the scam.

Soon this blog will post more about the contents of this video and the other information from the email. Stay tuned. If you do not want to miss anything - subscribe to our email alerts and/or follow us on Twitter!

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  1. Most of the stores listed are not with Lyoness anymore (if they ever were in the first place) because they were withdrawn for one reason or another. When I asked why this has happened, recruiters will say that contracts are being renegotiated and these companies may return in the future. I believe the company Logos were 'put' on the Lyoness website without their permission... most of the shopping with these companies were gift card purchases through Lyoness.