'There are idiots everywhere...'

Under the motto 'there are idiots everywhere' ('deppen gibt es ├╝berall', a reference to 'Gemma Deppen Suchen', 'go find me idiots', which is how Hubert Freidl referred to his earlier racket 'GTS'), Lyoness has expanded its racket into developing countries like Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Apparently, the Lyoness racket is running out of 'idiots' in the developed world, - the term Hubert Freidl uses to denote his followers - and is now looking for more 'idiots' amongst the poorest people of the world and is looking to steal the money of people who often cannot afford decent housing, food or water. However, they will now at least get a minor discount while attempting to fulfil these primary needs.

The mystery is how Freidl plans to attract enough capital from these 'idiots' to cover the immense financial gaps he has been dropping in the rest of the world, but perhaps he will - like his American friends over at Herbalife - find a way to abuse systems designed to bring development to these countries. Charity does seem to be the core business of Lyoness after all...

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