Lyoness: 'business is booming!'

We have it on good authority that Hubert Freidl is personally partying with his most faithful followers in Austria, as we speak. As reported earlier, Lyoness decided to act against the influence of evil, negative sources that want to destroy this 'indestructible, perfect business opportunity', by organising a 10-day, all-expenses paid revitalisation seminar in Austria. During this seminar, Freidl and his accomplices try to convince the followers that nothing has changed and that Lyoness is still the 'strong company' they joined a while ago and their best chance for achieving 'financial freedom'.

However, while Freidl is in Austria, more and more people find out about the truly pernicious scam Lyoness has been peddling to its 2.8 million followers. We have seen evidence that approximately 300 people in Australia are demanding retribution for the money Lyoness stole from them. The downright offensive way in which the Lyoness employees and instigators treat the refund requests has driven part of this group to file suit against Lyoness in Australia, whereas others are still determining their strategy.

At the same time, messages leak through that Lyoness members, having lost faith in receiving their investments back from Lyoness and having lost too much money to be able to cover legal fees, are trying to sell their personal Lyoness membership.

"hi... i am from australia and i want to sell my account??? i bought it 2000euro (from greece, its still in euro but i can change it in australian if needed)... it has 12 lifeline on it.. if anyone is interested on bying my account send me a message... we can via lyoness make the change

can you message my upline or downline that i sell my account???

Lyoness International John, the best thing would be to contact them yourself to discuss your options and find a solution together. However, if you have any more questions, let us know!

i cant contact them any more... the one who put me lie to me about lyoness... other things he told me other things happen.... and he is missing... i cant find him...he is hiding for me... and the down of me is my friend who also was lied... what can i do now??? i am so far away... i have no help

Asim Imran No one will buy them.. It happened to me. Lyoness never refund the money. They don't have clear policy for the refunds. Its a BIG TRAP and unfortunately we are all the victims."

We at the Lyoness Complaint Centre urge people to contact us if they need assistance in finding retribution and to spread the truth about this outrageous, cultic scam.

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  1. A not unreasonable question is:

    Since Hubert Freidl is clearly a dangerously-deluded thief, suffering from severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder, why isn't this increasingly-urgent matter being tackled by the Austrian police accompanied by medically-qualified experts, or are the Austrian authorities going to continue to follow the morally, and intellectually, feeble example of their German equivalents in the 1920s, and sit and watch whilst even more-serious crimes are committed?

    David Brear (copyright 2013)