Lyoness, money back with every courtcase

Lyoness has managed to enrol an enormous amount of people (an estimated 2.7 million) into their pernicious web of lies. Luring companies in with the alluring promise of increased sales and consumers with the enticing idea of 'cash back with every purchase', Lyoness has managed to defraud millions of people out of thousands of euros, both through the position system (in which money magically multiplies when new members are recruited) and through follow-up scams such as the marketing campaigns Ponzi scheme and 'option trading systems'.

The famous Lyoness slogan 'cash back with every purchase' was certified by the renowned certification institute TÜV Rheinland, and indeed, the Lyoness Complaint Centre does not contest this claim. For as long as the pyramid scheme keeps running (and that is not much longer), Lyoness members will get a meager discount on their retail purchases - that is: if they are at all interested.

The Lyoness Complaint Centre is considering having a new slogan certified for Lyoness: 'money back with every court case'. Earlier, this blog reported that numerous court cases have been initiated against Lyoness (at the Viennese commercial court) and that these court cases have resulted in glorious victories for the plaintiffs - all the money they had invested in the marketing campaigns and the option trading schemes had to be repaid by Lyoness, within 14 days. The full text of three of these cases can be found here:


Also, Plattform Lyoness, has published a list of the people who have filed their complaints against Lyoness with them. We strongly advise the victims of Lyoness to keep filing their complaints, both with interest groups like the Lyoness Complaint Centre and Plattform Lyoness, as well as with the appropriate national and international authorities. Advice about which authorities should be contacted in your specific situation can be obtained through the afore-mentioned interest groups.

It is also recommended that you start a civil court case against Lyoness. The earlier you do this, the more chance you have to get your money back. As soon as Freidl has moved his illegally-acquired assets out of Lyoness, through his labyrinth of corporate structures, there will be no money left for the victims. It can be nearly guaranteed that these actions will be completed before Freidl and his accomplices will get convicted in Austria, if that will ever happen.

The civil court cases that are listed here revolve around the marketing campaigns and option trading systems that people have been deceived to invest in. If you have done that too, you can get your money back without any problem, as the decision made by Lyoness to not issue a prospectus about their investment schemes, makes their investments inherently illegal and gives the investors the right to demand their money back without any form of explanation or Lyoness' consent.

However, the legal opportunities for Lyoness victims are not limited to demanding money back for the advertising campaigns and the option trading systems offered by Lyoness. Obviously, the money people have invested in the position system (in the form of down-payments on future rewards), i.e. the pyramid scheme, have a very good case against Lyoness as well, as hosting a pyramid scheme is illegal under the national legislation of almost every country in the world.

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