Gerhard Huber and his parliamentary questions

Journalist Oliver Jaindl has written an article in the Austrian newspaper Das WirtschaftsBlatt entitled 'Lyoness also occupies the parliament', in which he states that after a number of media sources and authorities, the parliament will discuss Lyoness too. Gerhard Huber, member of parliament for the Austrian BZÖ party, has filed a request to ask both the minister of Justice, Dr. Beatrix Karl, LLC and minister of Finance, Dr. Maria Theresia Fekter, LLC, a list of questions about Lyoness and the recent developments around the company.

The seven questions posed to the minister of Finance are perhaps not very interesting for the victims of Lyoness, as they all concern taxes. However, to the Austrian tax payer they might be very relevant, because based on an article published in der Kleine Zeitung, Huber askes whether it is true that Lyoness AG has been exempted from paying VAT. Additionally, Huber askes whether Switzerland and Austria are cooperating in case of Lyoness' taxes and whether Lyoness pays taxes in Switzerland. Also, he asks whether he notorious 'position system' is taxed and in which way. Finally, Huber expresses his concern whether the involved authorities in the Lyoness investigation are in fact cooperating.

The really interesting questions, Huber saved for Justice minister Beatrix Karl. The answers to these questions should clarify a lot. First of all, Huber asks for a status report on the Lyoness investigation, and whether there will ever be a prosecution - and when. In a somewhat accusive manner, Huber also asks the minister whether she had done anything to protect the Austrian consumers from Lyoness in the past year (since the last parliamentary questions) and whether she is planning on doing anything in the future.

His further questions touch upon the very core of Lyoness. Huber asks for statistics, i.e. quantifiable evidence. Not only on Lyoness itself, but on the whole performance of the Austrian Justice department in fighting against illegal pyramid schemes. Huber would like to obtain the following statistics:

- How many cases of suspected pyramid schemes were reported in the years 2008-2012.
- Which pyramid schemes were the subject of these reports.
- How many of these reports were turned into actual legal proceedings.
- How many of these proceedings led to convictions, and what the sentences were.
- How many of these cases are still open.
- How big the damage of Lyoness is in Austria.
- How big the damage of Lyoness is in Europe, and worldwide.

The questions can be obtained here (Finance) and here (Justice). Automatic translations have been formed into one English version, which can be downloaded here.

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