Update: ORF Report now with English, Dutch and Italian subtitles

After the struggle of keeping the ORF Report broadcast on Lyoness merely available on the internet, and after publishing the video with English subtitles (thanks to @LyonessVictims), we gladly announce that the Lyoness video is now also available to Italian-speakers and Dutch-speakers, for we have received the subtitle files for this video in these languages.

Our gratitude is immense, particularly to the Italian Lyoness Complaint Centre.

The subtitles can be selected by holding the cursor over the video and clicking either 'CC' or 'Subtitles' at the  top of the video. There 'NL' (Dutch), 'EN' (English) or 'IT' (Italian) can be selected to match the video and your preferences.

We appeal to the readers of this blog to translate the English subtitle file into their native language or any other language they speak and send it to us - so we can share the truth about Lyoness with even more people worldwide.

You can also download the original video and add your own subtitles.


  1. Cannot really feel sorry for this guy Wagner either. He's just as criminal as Freidl. Still unbelievable that Joe Public can still be tempted to fall for these transparent scams.

    1. We'd have to agree. However, he did provide the world with a video in which Freidl unscrupulously admits that his pathetic little scam is all about finding new paying recruits.

      People fall for it, because they are deceived and lied to. See also: (for the full picture)