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  1. This is a comment by a deluded Lyoness Premium Partner. I really appreciate their effort to help Lyoness victims like me. Probably I will start something like this in Italy.

    Here is my story

    I entered Lyoness in February 2010 together with my business mate because we believed that Lyoness was a good opportunity to promote our company in Trieste: at that time, to sign a company partnership with Lyoness, me and my business mate had to buy the Business Partner Package and so we did it: 4.000 euros plus 900 euros for the POS device. We were enthusiasts: we were dreaming dozens of new customers entering our shop for buying computer and happily pass their cashback card trough the POS device.

    I tell you this because I swear I did not become a Business Partner for their foolish career promises made by enroling directs: I did it to bring new customers in my shop! This is it.

    Question 1: how the hell did I believe that 1% discount should be so attractive?
    Question 2: what the hell pushed us to spend almost 5.000 euros?

    Answer: the blatant lie of the exclusivity! They told us we were be the only Lyoness company in Trieste until the "market" should be saturated and we obviously could not satisfy such a huge demand anymore. A month later (March 2010) another IT company similar to ours, in our town became Lyoness partner: very exclusive, isn't it?

    We strongly shown our disappointment, but they explained there was a misunderstanding due to a lack of communication between those who let the latter company sign the partnership. We calmed down for a while. I still believed that Lyoness was an opportunity for small companies to acquire new customers so I "enroled" both my wife (who was starting a new business) and a friend of mine (who has a building company).

    The truth, as you state in you blog, is that Lyoness simply doesn't work!
    3 years later we have zero Lyoness customers and we lost 3 x 2.000 euros! My business mate has 5 directs in his structure and still believes in Lyoness while I'm pretty disgusted.

    My company is still a Lyoness commercial partner, even if I would quit immediately! Me and my wife asked Lyoness our money back and I'm waiting for a feedback. I gave them a 30 days term: the term will be over May 16th 2013. Then I will charge them under the shield of AltroConsumo (an Italian consumer association who recently won a class action against Apple among many others): I'll let you know.

    Thank you very much for the attention and congratulations for you website.

    1. Also, if you would want to contact us directly, please leave your email address in a comment - it will not be published.

      We would like to talk to you about turning your story into a post for this blog.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you very much for your comment and for reading this blog. It is a sad story and I sincerely hope you will get your money back. Let us know if you think the Lyoness Complaint Centre can be of any assistance in your pursuit.

    Indeed, the exclusivity claim is a blatant lie. In fact, the Lyoness instigators and adherents will tell you literally everything you want and need to hear in order to make you sign (your business) up and make you and/or your business pay for a 'business package' (i.e. the advance fees on future rewards), as that is their source of revenue. As with every pyramid scheme, the exclusivity claim is paradoxal, because anyone can (and will be encouraged to) join - they inherently need as many participants as possible.