Youtube, take the Lyoness propaganda down; now! (2)

Following Freidl's obvious and desperate attempts to obstruct justice and impede the opportunity for anyone to form an independent, well-informed opinion on Lyoness and all it represents, 'Plattform Lyoness', the Austrian organisation for Lyoness victims, has published a list of Lyoness propaganda they consider to be in violation of Youtube's terms and conditions.

Obviously, any public appearance of Lyoness which states that Lyoness is a 'shopping community' inherently violates Youtube's terms and conditions, simply because this is an attempt to mask the true nature of the company, which is - moreover - an illegal pyramid scheme. By not removing the Lyoness propaganda from its services, Youtube makes itself an accomplice to a series of fellonies, in particular the promotion of an illegal pyramid scheme and masking illegal activities, i.e. fraud, i.e. theft.

Additionally, by removing video's that did in no way violate the copyrights Lyoness owns, Youtube has given Lyoness the opportunity to obstruct the freedom of speech, to control and censor the information available on this 'company' and to keep - seemingly undisturbedly - promoting its illegal activities and scamming consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises in the process.

Altogether, the desperate attempts to control the information available about Lyoness constitute a hopeless attempt to protect an inherently unsustainable, illegal system, doomed to fail from the beginning, and in an obvious state of decomposition as we speak.

It should be noted that Lyoness officially does not handle its own copyright affairs, but that an Austrian law firm (Piaty, Müller-Mezin and Schöller), through a Malta-based cooperation entitled 'United Trade Mark Limited' is the official owner of most of Lyoness' copyrights, as well as most of its websites, which by the way are hosted on a server in Liechtenstein. Fun fact: they failed to obtain a copyright on the term 'cashback card'. Fortunately, this is an irrelevant concept to the Lyoness business model anyway.

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