Panic strikes Lyoness

We have it on good authority that Lyoness is organising a ten-day training programme for the highest members in its pyramid ranks, as a response to the 'negativity' (i.e. the court cases and media exposure) that has revolved around the company's business practices lately.

We at the Lyoness Complaint Centre suspect that Lyoness is afraid that the brainwashing effects on its members may have worn off under the influence of the obvious, irrefutable evidence surfacing recently that the Lyoness 'shopping community' is a sham and that the 'business opportunity' it forms a disguise for is fraudulous and all but lucrative for at least 99.5% of the members.

We advise everyone invited not to go, no matter which promises are made. The only plausible reason Lyoness is inviting you to Austria for ten full days is to re-brainwash you and try to scam more money out of you - or to make you dupe more people into joining, which could be considered a federal offense in many countries when the scam will collapse. Instead, examine the quantitative evidence available and make up your own mind, without the influence of the psychological pressure and manipulation exercised by the Lyoness instigators.

For a considerable amount of hours, the Lyoness website is down - allegedly due to standard maintenance procedures and the implementation of updates. We are very curious.

We advise all Lyoness victims to withdraw their memberships from Lyoness as soon as possible and to demand your investments, down-payments, etc. back, as they were acquired under false pretences, into an illegal, fraudulous system. Do not forget to claim all your expenses.

It is also recommended to seek legal advice and assistance - a list of Austrian and Swiss lawyers with particular knowledge of the Lyoness dossier can be found here. Beware whom you trust with your personal story and details, and be cautious about whom you pay for their services - no matter how well-intented they may seem.


  1. The list of expert lawyers cannot be open anymore. Please adivise, it's very important to have this information. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with that right now. The original list of lawyers was provided by Plattform Lyoness. Try this address

      If that does not work, go to and either write on their forum or contact the guys. They will be able to help you.