Share the truth about Lyoness: ORF Report

As reported earlier, the ORF Report broadcast 'The Man Behind Lyoness' has informed many people about the true nature of Lyoness. However, since Lyoness would like to preserve its monopoly on information available about the company to the general public, it has made serious efforts to have the video removed from the Internet, for instance by filing false copyright infringement claims to Youtube.

Luckily, both Plattform Lyoness and @LyonessVictims have recently made an effort to keep the video available for the general public, with the ultimate goal to educate victims, prospects and anyone else looking at the company about its true nature, without Lyoness censoring the information that is provided.

However, the Complaint Centre has received several messages in which people asked for more elaborate English subtitles for the video, as apparently, some of the phrases in the episode were not subtitled. In order to enable others to also subtitle the video in their own language (and share it with people speaking the same language), the Complaint Centre has decided to publish an updated version of the video, fully subtitled in English, as well as a copy of the .srt subtitle file in order to allow people to easily translate the subtitles and update videos with their subtitles.

To start the subtitles, hold the cursor over the video, click 'CC' or 'Subtitles' and select 'EN'.

The original video can be downloaded here.

The subtitle file can be downloaded here.

You can choose to integrate the subtitles in your own video and upload it somewhere, yet you can also just add your subtitles here.

Please, translate and share and let's get this message out there for everyone to see!

Also, share this blog!

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