Update 2: Lyoness is 'buying' (but with your money)

Why would someone want to join Lyoness? Well, the first reason that springs to mind is that people are/were interested in having a little bit more money, or 'financial freedom' as Lyoness (and similar rackets) calls it. Financial freedom is an inherently vague concept, yet it is supposed to mean that you no longer have to work for your money ('let your money work for you', to throw in a nice cliche), but instead receive a passive income from your previous efforts. Instead of spending all your time working, you will then have time to enjoy life and spend time with your family (or buy a new one, or so - you're rich, so you can be a little eccentric). Who does not want that?

Probably everybody wants that. That is one of the reasons that 2.7 million people joined Lyoness until now. Most of the appeal of any disguised pyramid scheme comes from this flawed logic. Yet, ironically, the same logic destroys this dream for the vast majority of the participants in a pyramid scheme: a significant number of hard-working, continuously investing participants are necessary to make one person filthy rich and earn a 'forever-lasting' passive income with 'unlimited potential'.

To the >99% group of participants that will never achieve this, we would like to say: 'congratulations'. Why, one may ask? Well, all of you have managed to make at least one person extremely rich (although he claims to have a net income of about 2000 euros (pdf)). Granted, this started already long before Lyoness was even founded, yet it still continues, and the Lyoness victims of now, may just be the GTS and Galvagin victims of before.

On several occasions, this blog has reported about the spendings of Lyoness and its instigators, with illegal earnings, i.e. your advance payments. Earlier, Plattform Lyoness reported that Freidl had privately received 3.8 million Austrian schilling (roughly 280,000 euros) from the advance payments of GTS (Erin Trade SA). Now, evidence is provided that Lyoness instigator Hubert Freidl has used this money to buy a house in Rohrbach (pdf), Austria. In January 2012, Freidl has given (pdf) this house to his son Dominic (pdf). Reportedly, it is currently being rebuilt for about 200,000 euros.

So, factually, the losing participants (victims) of the GTS system have enabled Freidl to give his son a nice house for his eighteenth birthday. That is sympathetic, to say the least..


  1. DID YOU ALSO KNOW ...?? (It's a different kind of philanthropist who gives away OTHER people's money!)
    International shopping community sponsors Beverly Hills Oscar after-party to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2013
    Lyoness America participated as a sponsor of the 2013 Oscar Awards After Party held in Beverly Hills, California on February 24, 2013. The first sponsorship of this kind for Lyoness, the organization was thrilled to partake in a celebratory event while also contributing to a great cause. “When we were invited to become a sponsor of an Oscars after party benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital we were enthusiastic about participating,” stated Mario D. Hoffmann, CEO of Lyoness America.
    . . . .
    In addition to the charitable benefits associated with sponsoring the Oscars After Party, Lyoness used the event as a reception for some of their key leaders in America. Not only was the event attended by Lyoness CEO Mario Hoffmann and other executives from the Lyoness USA management offices in Miami and the Lyoness USA office in New York City, but Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl from the Lyoness International corporate offices in Graz, Austria also attended.

    1. Thanks for this information Anonymous!