The Lyoness Myths #4: 'Competitors want to take Lyoness down'

The Lyoness myths section was developed to assess the validity of the arguments used by Lyoness instigators and adherents to 'prove' that Lyoness provides a viable business opportunity. It should provide people considering to become a Lyoness member with a more balanced view of the 'overwhelming' sales pitch of the Lyoness racketeers, as well as show people defrauded by Lyoness how exactly they were deceived and lured into Freidl's web of lies.

When browsing the web for information on Lyoness, one may observe a strategy change in the propaganda spread by the Lyoness instigators and adherents. As reported earlier, many websites have been designed to frustrate the internet search of information-seekers on Lyoness, particularly those combining Lyoness with words like 'scam', 'fraud' and 'pyramid (scheme)'. Initially, these websites, blogs, as well as all other propaganda machines employed by Lyoness or its members, would focus on arguing that anyone spreading negative information on Lyoness, is just wrong.

Many arguments have been coined to explain why exactly people would devote their time to spread slander and libel on Lyoness. Jealousy was a popular one, just like the incapability to comprehend this amazing system. However, with all the media coverage on Lyoness in Austria and Switzerland, and more and more people realising that Lyoness has duped millions of people out of their hard earned money, even the Lyoness propagandists start to realise that these arguments have lost all credibility in the real world.

Therefore, a new strategy has been employed. Instead of attacking the message, now, the messengers are attacked. The magic term is apparently 'The Internet Marketing Scam Scam', and the basic suggested conspiracy is that internet marketers working for competing companies do everything to defame their competitors. This ridiculous idea is designed to play in on the feelings of adherents and prospects that life and happiness is about money and that it is impossible that anyone would devote personal time to fight an obvious scam, if there is no financial reward. Ironic, because ms. Jeanette Hayworth, one of the main Lyoness propagandists on the web spreading this theory, claims to have done her 'research' as a favour to a friend. If that were to be the case, and if people would only devote so much of their time to this for financial reward, then why does ms. Hayworth publish her ideas on the web? She could have just told her 'findings' to her friend.

Also, which competitors are we speaking of? Did not Lyoness always claim that they had come up with such an original business model? And that they would be unlimitedly successful because no-one else ever did (or will do) the same? Are we looking at Groupon? Probably not. Members could use both Groupon and the Lyoness cashback card.

Although heavily contested by the Lyoness propagandists, this blog has already concluded that the 'shopping community' and 'discount system' are a mere sham, thrown up to mask an obvious pyramid scheme. So perhaps, instead of searching for the 'unscrupulous competitors' amongst discount providers, they should be sought amongst pyramid scheme operators. That does not seem to make a lot of sense either, as tougher legislation in this area, and/or a conviction or liquidation of Lyoness could severe impede the accretion of new capital for those other pyramid schemes as well.

Additionally, if critics can provide quantifiable evidence that something is a scam, it does not really matter what their motives are. If an Apple employee were to tell that Dell laptops were highly explosive, the only thing that would matter is whether that is the truth. If Apple could provide quantifiable evidence that the laptops of their competitors are unsafe, they indeed should not be bought and the public has a right to know that.

Of course, this is a mute argument. It is preposterous to suggest that the reason that Lyoness is under so much scrutiny lately is that 'competitors are trying to take the company down'. The only ones spreading lies for financial reward are the Lyoness propagandists. Anyone who would consider all available quantifiable evidence on Lyoness (no matter from which source), would come to that conclusion. The same goes for anyone applying common sense to its 'business model'.

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