Lyoness Complaint Centre: Technical Updates

To improve the satisfaction of the readers of this blog, the Lyoness Complaint Centre has implemented a few (new) features. As you may had already seen, it is possible to have these pages (automatically) translated into any language that suits you by selecting your language in the left top corner of your screen. Also, it is possible to subscribe to email updates (right-side menu), to like, follow and share us on several social media and to search this blog for the key words or content you are looking for (right-side menu as well).

What is new?

As is common on these kinds of blogs, articles are ordered chronologically in monthly folders. After receiving several comments that readers would like to have some more structure in the content available here, we decided to implement an additional content-based ranking of articles (see the cloud on the right-side of this page). By simply clicking on the key word or category that suits your quests, you will see a list of the articles published with that label attached. This is particularly handy when you for instance want to read the entire 'Austrian Mafia' or 'Lyoness Myths' series.

What's to come?

The first new addition to this blog will be a 'related news' and/or 'related articles' section under every post written here, to increase the readability of this blog. However, if you, as a reader of this blog, have any ideas, comments or suggestions about how this blog could improve, we would gladly hear about it. You can leave us a comment or contact us on Twitter.

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