The Austrian Mafia 2: Truck driver Andy is back

Yesterday, this blog reported on the mafia-like ways in which Lyoness tries to prevent any negative publicity about the company from spreading over the internet. In an attempt to do so, Lyoness has filed an official complaint with youtube for infringement of their copyright concerning the Dragon's Den episode featuring truck driver Andy, our personal favourite Lyoness member.

Their complaint was successful and the video was removed from youtube. The Complaint Centre is very surprised, as it is unclear why this video would have violated Lyoness' copyright. Truck driver Andy paid about 10,000 dollars to get the 'exclusive' right to represent Lyoness, its name and logo in Canada and therefore has all the right to be on this show. After that, the copyright belongs to the Canadian broadcaster CBC, not to Lyoness. The only thing Lyoness is trying to do here is silencing its critics and removing everything that could possibly prevent new prospects from joining and coughing up the necessary cash.

Unfortunately for Lyoness, there is more than one way to skin a cat (24:40).


  1. Yet again, when seen in its wider-context, this attempt by the instigators of the 'Lyoness' fraud, to supress the truth, constitutes an obstruction of justice in order to continue to commit fraud. As such, it forms part of an overall pattern of ongoing, major racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970, and clarified by subsequent US Supreme Court Rulings).

    David Brear (copyright 2013)

  2. Thanks again for your insightful clarification David. I hope that the American victims reading this blog will file complaints with the appropriate authorities.

    And I would also advise anyone reading this blog to visit: