The Austrian Mafia 6: ORF Report down again

Yet again, Lyoness has managed to persuade Youtube to take down the ORF Report episode that exposes Lyoness for what it is: a blatant, pernicious scam. Apparently, Youtube has not read the analysis of this blog about its copyright guidelines and how Lyoness is using these to desperately cling to its 'information monopoly'. It is ironic that Lyoness gets away with his modern-day form of censorship, as its videos (as well as its false copyright claims) violate the Youtube terms and conditions.

In any case, Lyoness will not prevent the people from seeing the truth. Luckily, Plattform Lyoness has managed to get the video online again.

Share this video with everyone you know and make sure that no-one ever gets duped again by this horrible fraud!


  1. Hi,

    It would helpful if someone put english subtitles on the video.

  2. Can some one make English subtitles for this?

  3. Hi Lyoness Victims here. We have posted the ORF video with english subtitles on at:

  4. Thanks very much, @LyonessVictims. We should probably exchange information once in a while. If you leave your email address in a comment, we will contact you there. Obviously, you address will not be published.