ORF Report back online with English subtitles

*Click here for the latest ORF Report video on Lyoness with full English (and Italian, Dutch and Serbian) subtitles.*

Earlier, this blog reported about the efforts made by Lyoness to remove everything from the internet that might educate people about Lyoness' pernicious scams. These efforts included getting the Twitter account @LyonessVictims suspended from Twitter and having both Youtube and the Austrian public television (ORF) take down various versions of an ORF Report episode that exposes Lyoness for the scam it is and Hubert Freidl for the racketeer he is.

For a moment, it seemed like @LyonessVictims was back, yet now, the Twitter account seems suspended once again. On the plus side, @LyonessVictims has made an effort to subtitle the ORF Report episode on Lyoness in English and put it back online. Now, both German-speakers and English-speakers can watch this enlightening and insightful video again.

This is the latest Lyoness featuring episode of ORF Report called 'Der Mann hinter Lyoness', available with English, Italian, Dutch and Serbian subtitles:

The subtitles can be selected by holding the cursor over the video and clicking either 'CC' or 'Subtitles' at the  top of the video. There 'NL' (Dutch), 'EN' (English), SR (Serbian) or 'IT' (Italian) can be selected to match the video and your preferences.

This is the episode of ORF Report entitled 'Geldmaschine Lyoness', with integrated English subtitles.

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