Update: @LyonessVictims back online

Earlier, this blog reported that the Twitter account @LyonessVictims was suspended. However, it seems to be online again. Make sure to follow!

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  1. I PUT $7200 in LYONESS was so stupid!!! nobody even explained the truth , but nothing was in egreement m that is only deposits for my future payments, in generally i have to spend $70000 with i do not know who, to get my money back, i would like to buy " Acura" for example but they work with one car diler in Canada"Suzuki" thats it!!!!! And Lyoness card is not working kin big stores and gas stations as they promised in the beginning, finally i can not spend my money and they do not want to return this!!! NEVER EVER BUY ANY UNITS FROM LYONESS!!!! YOU WILL NEBER GET ANY RETURNS AND CASH BACK!!!!