The Austrian Mafia 3: ORF Report down too

Who would want to do business with a company that scans the internet for anything negative about them and files - unlawful - copyright infringement complaints against the truth that is published by its critics?

After offering its members 45000 Swiss francs for tips about its critics, and having youtube take down the Dragon's Den episode with Andy, Lyoness has now also successfully moved youtube to take down the ORF Report broadcast on Lyoness ('Der Mann hinter Lyoness').

Not only the English-subtitled youtube version has been removed. Somehow, Lyoness has also made ORF remove the video from their website.

Strange, because ORF won a dispute issued by Lyoness to the Austrian press association about the broadcast of this episode.

In general, Lyoness has no right to file these copyright claims. Indeed, the episodes were not produced by Lyoness and the filmed material belongs to the producers, or the broadcasting channels. Lyoness has about as much copyright on these videos as the Complaint Centre has on the name 'Andy'.

Luckily, brave soldiers of the truth have managed to get the video uploaded to youtube again:


  1. If LYONESS have nothing to hide - why pull down these videos?

  2. That's because they have a lot to hide: