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  1. I don't understand. I'm in Texas and I'm getting the cashback and the points that they promised. Sure, it's only 1 or 2%, but I need to leverage everything that I can against what Obama is doing to this country. ISO 9001 was one of the selling points that made me sign-up.

    1. Marvin

      We are not sure your comment is intended as serious, but we will treat it as such. We do understand that the current economic times are tough on many (it is actually part of the main premise of this Blog), and unfortunately, racketeers possess this knowledge too. They can easily use this to their advance, by persuading people to believe that they, and only they, possess some sort of secret, exclusive knowledge, that can make everyone who gets involved with them (and pays them generously), extremely rich (and thus escape the economic hardship).

      If you have had a look around this Blog, and we doubt that you did, you would know that we never contested the claim that Lyoness provides discounts to consumers. What we do contest is that these discounts provide a viable source of income for Lyoness, or its members (only about 10% of the members ever used a discount service; 99.7% of the Lyoness turnover comes from downpayments, rather than discount margins).

      We also contest that the companies that 'provide discounts' to Lyoness members are 'partners of Lyoness' (which implies they condone the Lyoness business model). In fact, the vast majority of involved enterprises, are small, and have paid a sign up fee to benefit from enrolling new members, or getting increased sales (which both is unlikely to happen). Moreover, the major corporations that are listed on the Lyoness website often do not even know of Lyoness' existence, let alone that these corporations have even had a look at the Lyoness business model. Instead, Lyoness becomes an affiliate of these corporations and uses its commission to provide a discount to its members. The benefit for Lyoness is that it is then able to use this logo to show off to (prospected) members. Also, joining as a shopping member (which is possible only in a limited number of companies), can be seen as a doorway into the wider web of lies that Lyoness represents - consisting of the often discussed 'pyramid scheme', and related advance fee fraud.

      The ISO is a sham. Not because it was not issued, but because it does not concern any part of the Lyoness business model that is relevant to its members.