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The Lyoness Complaint Centre has come up with a new concept: blog memberships! The concept is very simple, the only thing you have to do is get a free membership and you will become filthy rich; guaranteed!

'How?', you may ask. Well, that is actually very simple. However, we could not possibly share that with you here, out in the open. We are a perfectly legal and legitimate organisation, and we have the certificates to prove it. For instance, we have a certificate from the renowned American organisation Blogger that clearly specifies that we are an officially registered blog. You can even look it up using their official company website: Additionally, we are endorsed by major corporations like Google and Microsoft. Don't believe us? Check their official company websites: and (if you call their offices they may not have heard of us).Want to see our beautiful certificates? Want to hear how you can make incredible returns on a free blog membership? Well, then you will have to come to one of our awesome events, which are never hosted in our company headquarters, but instead in the backroom of a hotel or in a sports hall near you!

There, we will tell you once more that our membership is completely free and that you will multiply your money in no-time. However, we will also tell you that we are a growing organisation and that we would really appreciate it if you could provide us with a down-payment on your future returns, just to enable us to grow. We promise that you won't regret it! And the only thing you will have to do to get your amazing returns, is kindly request all your friends and family, everyone you know and everyone you don't know, to come to one of our fabulous meetings and help them by signing up for a free membership too (and ask them to put down a significant down-payment, naturally). We will then pay you a fat commission over the down-payments of all the members you bring in and all the members recruited by the members you brought in.

We will do everything to divert the attention of government officials, prosecutors and prospects away from the fact that we are running an illegal pyramid scheme, with numerous spin-off scams in its slipstream, by starting some charities, sponsoring sport events and maybe we will even throw in a nice competition with amazing prizes (we're thinking 'treasure hunt' or so). If When we will finally be forbidden, and/or have successfully moved all our your assets into the bank accounts of our accomplices and use those assets to start our next amazing project (while we are avoiding hard time by living in the Maldives), you will of course lose all your money and so will everyone you brought in and everyone they brought in. Enjoy your next birthday.



Then don't join Lyoness either.

For the record, the Lyoness Complaint Centre is an independent non-profit organisation and is not after anyone's money. You can help us though.

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